- Now on Steam -

Beeftacular, a bloody, fast-paced, high precision platformer, was released on August 26th 2016 and is now available on steam!

Beeftacular is fast!
Beeftacular is responsive!
Beeftacular is smooth!
Beeftacular is bloody!
Beeftacular is fun!
Beeftacular is spectacular!

The creator of Just Get Through brings you the next generation of fast-paced 2D platformers. Inspired by the small platformer game 10 Seconds Ninja and with a grain of Super Meat Boy this game brings you a new challenge. You like fast platformers? You will love Beeftacular!

Beeftacular is a fast-paced platformer where you play as a chunk of beef! You must clean levels by destroying all the rotten meat as fast as possible. To do this you can use melee slash attacks, ranged projectile attacks, and the environment. You only have a few seconds per level so you must be quick and precise. The restart button will be your best friend!

This game is not just for hardcore platformer fans but also for beginners and casual players.
Play Beeftacular for fun or try to be better than your friends and other players by memorizing every level and setting one world record after the other.

The game also has a built-in level editor! Get creative and share your levels with your friends and the world, or just subscribe to some of the custom levels in the steam workshop. This way the fun never ends!


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